Building partnership

Developing AfrIPEN’s organisational capacity and structure

Participants in the 2nd Interprofessional & Collaborative Practice for Africa Conference in Nairobi (2019)

The tasks of this Working Group are to:

  1. Create awareness of IPECP by engaging stakeholders.
  2. Promote and maintaining relations with members of the Network.
  3. Coordinate Work Plan activities and recruit additional Work Team collaborators
  4. Organise, conduct and record meetings of the Facilitation Team and Working Groups
  5. Promote institutional membership and managing finances
  6. Maintain the website and actively manage social media portals
  7. Collect and distribute timely relevant information and regular reports among subscribers, collaborators, members and other stakeholders of the Network (e.g. minutes of meetings, publications)
  8. Maintain records, database, membership, online work space and website
  9. Ensure the safe-keeping of archives and collections of the Network.
  10. Organise the annual general meeting
  11. Liaise with the organisers of the biennial conference
  12. Liaise with Interprofessional.Global and other IPE networks

We are inviting representatives from each country in the Africa Region to join our Working Group.

For more information contact: