Capacity building

Working Group 3: Capacity Building – Developing a short course for IPE facilitators

The task team to develop a short learning programme for interprofessional education facilitators (IPFs) comprise volunteers from Canada, Kenya, South Africa, and United Kingdom. However, volunteers from other countries are most welcome to join the team.

Interprofessional facilitators have to be trained because the dynamics of facilitating an interprofessional team is different than those of a uni-professional or multi-professional team. The current genre of educators has been trained in uniprofessional silos and most have not experience true interprofessional collaboration where the values of person-centredness, shared values, shared decision-making and distributive leadership have been demonstrated. Therefore, most interprofessional facilitators themselves have to adopt new or adapt their existing educational theories and philosophies to incorporate those associated with interprofessional education.

National and international Interprofessional Education Facilitators reached consensus on interprofessional facilitator capabilities through a Delphi technique and the short report was published in the Journal of Interprofessional care. ( Furthermore, Yvonne became a member of the working group of the Interprofessional.Global’s Academic Workforce Development. AfrIPEN will surely benefit from close collaboration with the Global Network.

The next step is to develop a template for the development of the learner-centred interactive teaching and learning material. Yvonne will take the lead to develop the template and get buy-in from the group members. The end date for this task is 20 May 2019.

Volunteers to develop the teaching and learning material per capability are needed. Please contact Yvonne Botma if you are interested. The 2nd AfrIPEN conference at the end of July 2019 in Kenya, Nairobi, will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas on interactive teaching and learning activities per capability. End date for the development of the facilitator as well as learner guide is before the 3rd AfrIPEN conference where we’ll launch the material and offer our first facilitator training programme for AfrIPEN members.

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