Impact evaluation

At an AfrIPEN Collaborative Research Workshop, hosted at the University of Namibia in 2017, it was decided to embark on a long-term project to determine the impact of Interprofessional education and collaborative practice on service delivery and health outcomes. It was decided to have the first 1000 days of life as use case and to determine the impact of an Interprofessional continuity of care approach during the first 1000 days of life in Sub-Saharan Africa: a realist evaluation approach.

The following phases are currently being discussed by the group:

  • Phase 1: Situational analysis: a scoping g review and participatory action research
  • Phase 2: Implementing a learning intervention: participatory action research
  • Phase 3: Impact evaluation: Realist evaluation approach

For more information and to join this working group:

  • Stefanus Snyman
    Mobile: +27 82 557 1056

Group members:

  • Amalba, Anthony (Ghana)
  • Angula, Penehafo (Namibia)
  • Boruett, Norbet (Kenya)
  • Lukolo, Linda (Namibia)
  • Muller, Jana (South Africa)
  • Snyman, Stefanus (South Africa)
  • Soko, Grace (Malawi)
  • Waggie, Firdouza (South Africa)