Norbert Boruett: New vice-chairperson of AfrIPEN share his experience

The two new vice-chairpersons of AfrIPEN, Norbert Boruett (second from left) and Yvonne Botma (left) are discussing collaborative IPE research for Sub-Saharan Africa and the Network’s recent workshop in Windhoek Namibia. Norbert wrote:

This was a unique workshop where all participant referred to each in the first name. That is special considering the room was full of people with PhD from leading academic institutions across the globe. The workshop was an eye opener, there was a wonderful blend of theory work and practical work. I realise the gaps that I had in teaching research- I have left the workshop with lessons.
The symposium was amazing participants presented quality papers in form of sessions and posters, there was no dull moment. There was innovation in the facilitation of sessions. The catering service was superb, the menu was varied and rich. The organisation of the workshop was excellent. I was the last to leave on Sunday with Dr Waggie and her husband. I was worried we had been forgotten, the shuttle was on for us. The evenings were rich, we moved across the wonderful restaurants and there excellent wine from Stellenbosch Wine & Bistro.
The members of the Afripen were extremely generous to me, they elected me Vice-chair and above voted unanimously to have the conference in Kenya. This is a wonderful gesture since interprofessional learning has not taken root in Kenya and I think In East and Central Africa. We hope to attract many participants in this region for the workshop



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